Drew Walker

Drew Walker

Location: Rotherham, UK

Find Drew on Instagram: @drewwalker445 

Bodybuilding History: 

I started in 2010 with the NABBA north east, UK and teenage finals. I won the first two and came second at the Britain.

Then in 2012 at 20 I won the UKBFF junior north west, bodypower men’s show and got 6th at the u23 UKBFF britain.

2013 I won the NABBA u21 England, UK and came 3rd at the junior universe. 

2014 I won the UKBFF north east and came 2nd at the UKBFF Junior Britain.

In 2015 6 months after tearing my pec I came 4th at the UKBFF Junior Britain and won my first men’s overall at the open Yorkshire 2 weeks later. 

In 2017 I won the PCA men’s hull, north east and Cumbria shows and came 4th at the PCA britain.

Most recently in 2019 I won the NABBA north east, came 2nd at the Britain and then won the worlds qualifying me to take my NABBA pro card.

I am now in preparation for my first NABBA pro universe. 

How did you get into Bodybuilding? 

My dad would let us watch Stallone and Schwarzenegger films as kids so we always had this aspiration to be masculine and a hero type vibe. It was the rocky films that really got me training boxing and weights but a 2007 jay cutler cover on MD got me fully dedicated to bodybuilding. 

What is your favourite hobby?

I really do not do much outside of bodybuilding I do really like golf and badminton I would love to take up golf again if I get more free time!

Are you married/single?

No I am happily married since June 2017 to my beautiful wife Eliza.

Do you have any kids?

Yes we have a 15 month old girl together. 

What are your go-to Chemical Warfare supplements?

EAA is essential for me hence the name, I love a quality pump pre workout and since I’m on prep I’ve been using eradicate morning and night and I feel like this is possibly by favourite product. 

How did you become part of the Chemical Warfare family?

I had my eye on chemical since launch this year, they sponsored a few comps I did, I saw the extremely impressive stand, I liked the statements and goals they were making and I have a lot of respect for Zack So they all got me interested then after being approached by Kirk and listening to the direction of the brand straight from him it was just a no brainier that I needed to be a part of this from the beginning.  

Favourite body part to train?

I love them all but I think I will have to say back 

Describe your current training split?

Bro split man, 1 body part every day, 45 minute, hit it hard hit it heavy with emphasis above all on form.

Back, chest, legs, shoulders, arms, repeat. I tag calves and abs to one body part once each per week  

What’s your current job?

I worked as a warehouse supervisor 2014-2019 and then in June this year I got the opportunity to purchase a local gym. I decided I couldn’t turn it down and it fuelled everything else we had going on this year so me and my wife decided to take the plunge and buy it so I’m a full time gym owner/pro bodybuilder now 

What’s your favourite food?

At the minute diet wise I would have to say scrambled eggs (mainly whites) with cinnamon and raisin bagel. 

Do you have a favourite cheat meal?

It’s has got to be a burger I think or maybe pizza/pasta but I try not to have that too much. I think burger chips and shake is the ultimate all round cheat meal still has some decent nutritional value .

What is your favourite film?

In general I do quite like marvel mainly guardians and Thor ragnarok and bodybuilding film would have to be classic blood and guts or jay cutler one step closer. 

How often do you train?

Every day at the minute 45 minutes 

What’s your favourite cardio machine?

Ideally I prefer to brisk walk outside, if I have to do a machine I incline walk on the treadmill. 

What’s your dream car?

Maintaining practicality like a high spec Jaguar F-Pace, Range Rover SVR or Audi RS6. If we’re talking daft selfish weapon we’ll go lime green Lamborghini Superleggera!

Any advice would you give to beginners?

Keep it simple, master the basics, you have picked a sport that takes time it’s as simple as that. If you can’t be patient pick another sport. Train hard and smart, focus on your diet consistently and more isn’t always better. Optimal over excess! 

What’s your favourite TV programme?

I absolutely loved Vikings and used to watch Scrubs all day long growing up.

What music do you listen to train?

I do like a bit of heavy rock whilst training. 

What are you currently reading?

Man I’m really not a reader at all, even on holiday I don’t get bored I can literally just lay there and so nothing and I’m happy as Larry!

Who are your role models?

In terms of bodybuilding I can’t deny I’m a full on Dorian Yates fan boy and I love Jay Cutler. Both amazing on stage and built empires off stage also.

In terms of general role models I can’t really think of anyone springing to mind. My Dad is a pretty incredible guy, he raised me and my brother whilst been self employed from being 11 and 13 and I could still go and live with him now if I had to!

So he taught me that it’s okay for a man to wash the pots and tidy the house.... you're welcome Eliza!  

What is you best achievement to date?

Got to be the worlds and the pro card, then off stage managing to pull my wife, somehow convincing her to marry me and then making a perfect child together!

I’m pretty proud of all those things, our gym is our little 2nd child also now ha!

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