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Bodybuilding History:

I have done about 40 shows by now and started at 18 years old competing at the Slovakian junior championships where I placed 3rd. Since then, I was hooked! Over the years, I've competed in NABBA IFBB and PCA shows and I have won about 15 shows - maybe more, maybe less! I have gained many professional titles over the years including NABBA British Champion, Mr England, Mr UK and PCA Pro. Alongside the following titles:

  • 2nd Place Worlds
  • 3rd place Mr. Universe
  • 2nd Place amateur Olympia in Spain
  • 2nd Place diamond cup Liverpool 
  • 1st Place PCA Bodypower x2  
  • 1st Place PCA European championship


How did you get into Bodybuilding? 

When I was younger, my mother took me to the gym because I was a skinny kid at 56kg and I was obsessed with muscle ever since!

How did you become part of the Chemical Warfare family? 

I wrote an email directly to Kirk Elliott the CEO and Founder of Chemical Warfare back in February 2020 and lucky enough, he found me in his spam emails and instantly contacted me. Kirk has known and followed me for years, he immediately offered and welcomed me to his team under a sponsorship! I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I am very happy to be part of this team!

What are your go-to Chemical Warfare supplements?

My top favourites have to be Intra Surgance, L-Gutamine & Iso Strike - these are a must for me! Then all of the essential range, bomb proof and citrus bergamot on top of that! I use other supplements obviously but this is my daily supplements without a fail. 

Favourite body part to train?

My first plan of action is always my brain - that's the strongest muscle and the most important one! Then legs for sure the most challenging most demanding -suits my personality - I don't like when things come easy. I'd always choose the hard way so I can then appreciate the feeling of accomplished. 

Describe your current training split?

  • DAY 1 Chest
  • Day 2 legs 
  • Day 3 rest
  • Day 4 back 
  • Day 5 shoulder 
  • Day 6 arms 
  • Day 7 rest 

Always go to maximum effort and total failure on the last 2 working sets rep range can vary depending on a body part but effort into the working sets is the key 100% or nothing.

How often do you train?

2 days on 1 day off 3 days on 1 day of cardio on a daily even in off season health is my priority I do brisk walk every morning.

What’s your favourite cardio machine?

Outdoor brisk walk fresh air looking at the nature around me.

Who are your role models?

My mother! 

What is your best achievement to date?

Beating my health problems, which took me about 5 years I've inherited lordosis and scoliosis - I had spent long time in rehabilitation and came out on top after winning PCA European championship, but that's nothing in comparison to pain free life again.

What music do you listen to whilst training?  

I don't listen to music whiles training anymore, but I use to listen to Evanescence by Linkin Park & Disturbed by Michael Jackson.

Any advice would you give to beginners?  

  1. Learn how to train correctly
  2. Learn how to eat correctly
  3. Leave your ego outside the gym 
  4. Educate yourself from the very beginning 
  5. Don't look for shortcuts they don't exist in this sport( be patient)
  6. Follow your dreams and never give up 

What’s your current job?  

Coaching personal training 

What is your favourite hobby?

Fishing, travelling and sex lol

Are you married/single?


Do you have any kids?

Not that I know of... just kidding, definitely not!

What’s your favourite food?

The one on the table - I'm from a very poor background, I'm not picky! Food is a religious thing to me 

Do you have a favourite cheat meal?

Food is food. I don't categorize into cheat or not. If I genuinely want something and I'm not preparing for a show, I'd have it! Simple. 

What is your favourite film?

  1. Brave heart 
  2. Gladiator 
  3. Lord of the rings

What’s your dream car?

Never thought about it really - I'd be happy with any nice car that doesn't break down all the time looks nice and gets me from A to B. I'd honestly be happy with Volkswagen Golf 

What’s your favourite TV programme?

I haven't watched regular TV for over 4 years now, I have a google chrome stick and I watch any documentaries, films or education stuff I'm in a mood for.

What are you currently reading?

Right now, I am not reading anything, but often anything to do with training, nutrition science, human body etc is what I'd go for. The last book I read was the 5 languages of love - pretty educational ;)