£1 Pre-workout Sample Pack + FREE shipping
£1 Pre-workout Sample Pack + FREE shipping
£1 Pre-workout Sample Pack + FREE shipping
£1 Pre-workout Sample Pack + FREE shipping
£1 Pre-workout Sample Pack + FREE shipping

£1 Pre-workout Sample Pack + FREE shipping

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For just £1, we are giving out 3x samples of the Bomb Pre-workout. Don't miss out on this offer. It is available for a limited time only and whilst stock lasts, claim yours now! 

This sample pack includes 3x flavours of the Bomb Pre-workout: you will be sent a mix of 3 of these flavours Caribbean Crush, Superstars, Dragons blood or Disco Candy. 

Caribbean Crush tastes like coconut water and pineapple - the perfect summer flavour! Superstars tastes link strawberry and watermelon - super fresh flavour. Disco Candy tastes like cherry cotton candy and it is perfect if you have a sweet tooth. Dragons blood tastes like pineapple and mango.

CHECK OUT INFORMATION: This item can only be purchased on its own and only one sample pack per customer. Add this item to your cart and receive free shipping. No discount code needed. Please email info@chemical-warfare.com if you need any support. 

The Bomb Pre-workout Overview:

The Bomb Pre Workout is a high stimulant pre/ pump product that boasts a highly dosed nootropic panel for increased energy and laser like focus. 

For Pump and Performance we have increased the Cit malate to 7g and the Beta alanine to 3.5g compared to the last formula. We have also included the addition of Betaine and a new patented clinically trailed ingredient S7® (at 100mg! )

The stimulant panel now includes Juniper Berry, a higher dosage of caffeine and to add to the Teacrine® that was already present we have added Infinergy® another non crash form of caffeine. 

Here is where we got heavy with the nootropic dosages include; N Acetyl L Tyrosine (500mg), Theobromine and Huperzine A.

A new addition to the absorption and amplification panel is Narinjin that goes alongside Bioperine® & Astragin®.

Rated 9.5/10 stars by Review Bros! 

Don't miss out on this fantastic offer, it is only available whilst stock lasts. Once it is gone, it is GONE!! Order yours now.

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