Recomp Stack

Recomp Stack

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The perfect stack for making gains whilst keeping in control of weight management. Here's what our stack includes:


OP3 Whey is the ultimate tri-blend of whey protein with digestive enzymes, carefully formulated with whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate & hydrolysed whey. 


Intra Surgence is an Intra-Workout supplement scientifically crafted with a highly dosed, full spectrum blend of EAA/BCAA’s together with cutting edge hydration and patented energy boosting ingredients.


Chemical warfare brings you PM ERADICATE the ultimate night time weight management formula comprised of clinically dosed ingredients designed to help you achieve your desired goal in an easy to mix, great tasting drink. 


Heat Seeker is a fat burner designed to maximise the body’s chemistry ability to enhance thermogenesis, keeping weight management under control.


Chemical warfare brings you the highly publicised ground-breaking potent natural extreme muscle builder to hit the market TRIDENT. No cost has been spared with this product with maximal dosages used for both of these highly rated & researched ingredients. The result is optimal performance and muscle mass growth. 

the chemical warfare way

Highly Formulated

Years of experience creating supplements for class-leading bodybuilders has taught us a lot about sports nutrition. Chemical Warfare was created as the ultimate weapon in the fight against second place. Using highly formulated patented ingredients to give our athletes the winning edge.

Loved by Winners

Every week #TeamChemicalWarfare grows as more and more elite level athletes recognise that our chemistry is their victory. When you compete at the highest level, the margin between victory and defeat is razor thin. The best in the business trust Chemical Warfare.

Patented Ingredients for

Elite level formulas

When the margins of victory can be something as small as one hundredth of a second, or one thousandth of a metre – everything counts.

Our formulas move beyond generic and use highly formulated patented ingredients that can mean the difference between your greatest victory or crushing defeat.

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