Barum Barbell Open Day┃Chemical Warfare Gym Tour Continues

Barum Barbell Open Day┃Chemical Warfare Gym Tour Continues

The gym tour continues! We made our way to the new gym on the block, Barum Barbell Gym in Barnstaple! The latest stop on our gym tour is sure to please fitness enthusiasts in the area.

Follow the founder of Chemical Warfare Supplements, Kirk Elliott, around this new gym whilst they showcase their top quality equipment and their gym has to offer!

This gym is defiantly approved by #TeamChemicalWarfare. No matter what your fitness goals are, this gym covers all bases and for a great price! Not only that, but they are fully stocked with Chemical Warfare Supplements. If you live near by or visiting the area, made sure to drop by!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to see what all the hype is about and check out Barum Barbell Gym today! If you are interesting in #TeamChemicalWarfare coming to your gym with samples, games and prizes to be won for your gym members or you are interested in stocking the brand, drop us a message today!

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Special thank you to The Binge Box who provided bakes and cakes on the day filled with our OP1 Whey Protein! They are a brand to watch and you might see trading at your favourite expos soon.

Filmed by Laurence Liddy.

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