CLA Softgels 4000mg (Conjugated Lonoleic Acid 30 Servings)
CLA Softgels 4000mg (Conjugated Lonoleic Acid 30 Servings)
CLA Softgels 4000mg (Conjugated Lonoleic Acid 30 Servings)

CLA Softgels 4000mg (Conjugated Lonoleic Acid 30 Servings)

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WHAT IS CLA (Conjugated Lonoleic Acid) ?

CLA is an omega-6 fatty acid found naturally in meat and dairy, especially from grass-fed varieties. It comes from the linoleic acid (LA) in the grass and grains eaten by animals such as cows and sheep.

CLA supplements are usually made from the LA found in safflower oil or sunflower oil. LA is altered using chemicals, enzymes, or ‘good’ bacteria during the manufacturing process to convert it into CLA. It is thought to trigger a series of chemical reactions that stimulate fat-burning in the body. It may contribute to speeding up the metabolism, increasing insulin resistance, helping the body ' mobilise' stored fat and by killing white fat cells. 


For adults, the recommended daily amount for CLA is 3000milligrams (mg) a day and for athletes is 4000milligrams (mg). We have made sure that this CLA product is perfectly dosed for active trainers. For 4 softgels a day use this pot will last you 30 days. 


     SERVING SIZE: 4 SOFTGELS                                    SERVINGS PER CONTAINER: 30







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