Joint Support Stack

Joint Support Stack

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As a n active person/avid gym goer, you need to make sure that you're protecting your joints to help prevent injury! This stack is to support your Joints against wear and tear and inflammation!


What is BARRICADE?  

Chemical warfare brings you BARRICADE a carefully crafted anti-inflammatory & health formula using some of the newest ingredients on the market. 

Is BARRICADE made using premium ingredients?

BARRICADE includes the clinically researched highly bioavailable Ultrasol® curcumin & ginger extract Gingever® as well as other well known complementary ingredients such as Boswellia and R Alpha Lipoic Acid. 

R-Lipoic Acid, is the natural form of Lipoic Acid — the exact type the body makes and requires. R Lipoic is significantly more potent than Alpha Lipoic because the body “recognises” it and “knows” how to use it.

Rapid absorption is guaranteed through our inclusion of Astragin® and Bioperine® finishing off a perfectly rounded ingredient profile. 




Armour Plated is the ultimate clinically dosed Joint Support blend on the market today.


Our Scientists understand that intense physical exercise, bodybuilding and weight- lifting puts tremendous pressure and strain on our joints and over time can lead to injuries which is the dread of every athlete. Armour plated provides that support so you can get that step further to push through plateaus and achieve greatness whilst lowering the chance of injury.

the chemical warfare way

Highly Formulated

Years of experience creating supplements for class-leading bodybuilders has taught us a lot about sports nutrition. Chemical Warfare was created as the ultimate weapon in the fight against second place. Using highly formulated patented ingredients to give our athletes the winning edge.

Loved by Winners

Every week #TeamChemicalWarfare grows as more and more elite level athletes recognise that our chemistry is their victory. When you compete at the highest level, the margin between victory and defeat is razor thin. The best in the business trust Chemical Warfare.

Patented Ingredients for

Elite level formulas

When the margins of victory can be something as small as one hundredth of a second, or one thousandth of a metre – everything counts.

Our formulas move beyond generic and use highly formulated patented ingredients that can mean the difference between your greatest victory or crushing defeat.

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