Mass Growth Stack

Mass Growth Stack

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Let's get stacked! This stack is designed to help you build muscle and stand out in a crowd! Get your whey protein, carb drink, glutamine and muscle growth support all in one stack!

Chemical warfare brings you a great tasting, easy to mix, 20g serving of whey protein derived from our 80% whey protein concentrate. Our shake can be taken with milk or water and can be used pre or post workout


As a patented carbohydrate, it serves as a potent energy source that effectively fuels the body during all stages of a workout, including pre, during, and post-workout. By incorporating Vitargo into your routine, you can enjoy a steady stream of energy to boost your performance and achieve optimal results.


The warzone is a high stress, high-intensity environment either in the gym, running track or MMA ring. “100% Micronised L-Glutamine” by Chemical Warfare has been designed to protect the warrior and ensure the health and well-being post-workout.
The intensity of training and exercise leads to inflammation invoking an immune response. A strong immune system improves recovery time. L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body and is a critical component of your body chemistry’s arsenal.

Our L-Glutamine is the highest purity grade available ensuring maximum effectiveness. To increase surface area thus absorption by your body we only use micronized L-Glutamine allowing rapid delivery of this critical amino acid to the cells that require it.


Chemical Warfare bring you the new and improved version of Trident. With the new additions pf Ajuga Turkenstanica, Laxfogenin and Epicatechin this products will promote extreme gains and muscular development. Our highly dosed formula comes in vegan friendly, easy to swallow capsules.

Ecdysterone is the main compound in spinach extract. That is a steroid that occurs naturally in plants and belongs to a class called phytosterols, which are "structurally similar to cholesterol." Previous studies in mammals have shown that ecdysteriods have a wide range of beneficial effects.

the chemical warfare way

Highly Formulated

Years of experience creating supplements for class-leading bodybuilders has taught us a lot about sports nutrition. Chemical Warfare was created as the ultimate weapon in the fight against second place. Using highly formulated patented ingredients to give our athletes the winning edge.

Loved by Winners

Every week #TeamChemicalWarfare grows as more and more elite level athletes recognise that our chemistry is their victory. When you compete at the highest level, the margin between victory and defeat is razor thin. The best in the business trust Chemical Warfare.

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