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Get your pump on with our carb drink & pump product! Experience a powerful pump during your workouts with our innovative carb drink & pump product. Designed to provide you with sustained energy and enhanced muscle performance, our formula is packed with premium ingredients that nourish your body and help you push through even the toughest training sessions. Whether you're an elite athlete or a fitness enthusiast, our carb drink & pump product combination will help you power up and get the results you want. Try it today and unleash your full potential!


As a patented carbohydrate, it serves as a potent energy source that effectively fuels the body during all stages of a workout, including pre, during, and post-workout. By incorporating Vitargo into your routine, you can enjoy a steady stream of energy to boost your performance and achieve optimal results.

'You don’t have to take our word for it. You can trust the independent, university-based research studies and renowned national and international scientists who have studied Vitargo. Those studies demonstrate that Vitargo is the fastest body fuel for before, during, and after exercise, and Vitargo enhanced same-day fuel recovery 70% faster within 1-hour, replenishing 77% more glycogen within 2-hours compared to maltodextrin plus sugars!'

  1.  Up to 23% greater performance with an average of 10% greater performance among all subjects compared to sports drinks containing maltodextrin + sugars
  1.  Vitargo empties from the stomach 130% faster, or 2.3 X faster.
  2. 77% greater glycogen recovery within 2 hours after intense glycogen depleting exercise.
  3. Rate of glycogen recovery is 70% faster within 1 hour after intense glycogen depleting exercise.


Starting off on the pump front we have added several new patented clinically trailed  ingredients that include Glycersize® and S7® (at a huge 150mg) all packing a huge pump when boosting blood flow and pump alongside 6g of L Citrulline. 

Our cognitive blend of Alpha GPC, N Acetly L Tyrosine and Huperzine A will provide laser like focus to assist optimal performance during your workout. To assist in hydration and to stop cramping an electrolyte blend of Sodium, Potassium & Magnesium is added. 

The absorption and amplification blend of Astragin® and Bioperine® are included to optimize the intake and upload of the other ingredients into the body.

the chemical warfare way

Highly Formulated

Years of experience creating supplements for class-leading bodybuilders has taught us a lot about sports nutrition. Chemical Warfare was created as the ultimate weapon in the fight against second place. Using highly formulated patented ingredients to give our athletes the winning edge.

Loved by Winners

Every week #TeamChemicalWarfare grows as more and more elite level athletes recognise that our chemistry is their victory. When you compete at the highest level, the margin between victory and defeat is razor thin. The best in the business trust Chemical Warfare.